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Stage 1, 2 & 3 Walls/Roof. No Windows. Mass Noise Liner.

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Selecting a Van Pack

What is in the Long Wheel Base Van Pack? 

Supplied in the base van pack is sufficient Stage 1 and Stage 2 materials to complete the walls and roof*.

Stage 1- Sound Deadener: This will reduce resonance and vibrational sounds produced in panels. This is applied first to single layer sheet metal.

Stage 2- Van Liner: This will act as a decoupling layer slowing the transfer of heat. This is stuck on top of the Stage 1 Sound Deadener. This will also prevent any condensation build-up.

*For exact quantities see below.

What is Stage 3 and do I need it? 

This is recommended if you are converting your van to a camper with internal walls (plywood, MDF etc). Our Stage 3 product is called Van Seal. It is a 4mm thick closed cell foam with a reflective face on both sides. It is used to create a sealed inner cocoon in your van, forming a very effective insulation barrier, further slowing heat conduction and convection. Simply line the side walls and roof with Van Seal before applying your structural panels e.g. plywood. Ensure there is an air gap between the Van Liner (stage 2) and Van Seal (stage 3).

What is the difference between the floor options?

Van Seal: 1 Roll (10sqm) This will act as a gasket between your van floor and plywood floor. This will also be a barrier for moisture and prevent any creaks or vibrations that may be present when laying plywood straight onto a metal floor.

Applications: If you are going to install a timber floor. 

Mass Noise Liner: 5 Sheets (7.5sqm) Is a heavy duty sound blanket, ideal for blocking road noise. It has a mass loaded vinyl layer to block noise as well as a thick backing foam layer to provide thermal insulation.
Applications: If you are going to be laying a carpet or rubber mat down on the floor. Can also be used under a timber floor if reducing road noise is a priority. 


What is included in this Long Wheel Base Van Pack?

The Long Wheel Base Van- Stage 1 & 2 Walls & Roof (No Windows in Cargo) includes:

6 Boxes of Stage 1 Sound Deadener (10.8sq/m)–  Install on your roof, and side wall panels cover minimum 50% of single skin sheet metal. Controls panel resonance and vibration
4 Rolls of Van Liner (20sq/m)– 10mm peel and stick closed cell foam. Create a radiant heat barrier and soft surface to reduce sound energy. Upholstery glue can be applied to this ready to trim with carpet if desired. This material will be supplied as a roll 1m wide by 5m long with a reflective aluminium face

2 x Van Liner Tape – This tape utilises the same reflected PET film used on our Van Liner to create a seamless finish

1 x Trim Removal Kit – A handy set of pry’s and levers to assist in removing automotive panels.
1 x Install kit – Application Roller, Utility Knife and Aluminum Foil Tape

2 x Additional Foil Tape – For use on all vertically applied sound deadener


Stage 3 – Additional insulation seal – Walls + Roof:

2 x Rolls (20sq/m) of Van Seal – Completely skin the walls and roof. The Van Seal has a reflective layer on both sides, with an air gap it will reflect/block radiant heat. On cold nights, it will also keep the warmth inside the van. It is crucial to leave an airgap between this layer and the stage 2 Van Liner for it to work as a thermal barrier.
1 x Spray Adhesive – High temp spray adhesive used to stick the Van Seal on the walls and roof. Simply spray on both the structural ribs and panels of the van, and also the Van Seal, wait 10-15 seconds and stick down.


5 x Sheets (7.5sq/m) Mass Noise Liner – Heavy duty sound barrier with closed cell foam. Removable sound deadener which can be cut to the floor shape, does not require glue and can be carpeted over. Ideal for blocking road noise.

Car Builders has determined the quantities of materials in these packs based on standard vans. Please take care to check the dimensions of your van to ensure that these quantities work for your build.


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